We are a community of passionate research educators, coaches, and mentors focussing on: 

  1. Internal Students Category:  Postgraduate Students registered with South Valley University, a Private Higher Education institution registered with the Higher Education Authority of Zambia - Click on  this text to see the registration status
  2. External Students Category: Postgraduate Students registered with any of the Public or Private Higher Institutions in South Africa and beyond.
  3. Association of Research Methodologists members: The third group is made up of academics, research professionals, or enthusiasts who need to be part of a progressive movement that is focused on empowering and connecting researchers in South Africa, Africa, and the world at large. This group is housed within the Association of Research Methodologists (ARM), an arm of the Global Centre for Academic Research. Join ARM and receive discounts from our Research Seminars, Colloquia, and Conferences. The annual once-off membership fee is R1200 and entitles members to attend all our sessions throughout the year.

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   Update your skills, enroll for this free online Course in Research Methods. Verified certificate available at R1500 after course completion.

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